Importance of Training in Retailing Mobile and Accessories


We are currently in an era where even three year olds know how to navigate their way through smart devices. Since it is already a part of social norms and lifestyle, mobile phones and its accessories are already considered necessities. Knowing at least the basics on both its physical features and applications is almost innate in us. 

With the confidence that at least 90% of the overall population of any developing and/or developed country is knowledgeable in mobile devices, retail owners oftentimes neglect the importance of training their employees on the fundamentals of the field or at least reviewing the depth of their knowledge. True, retailing mobile devices is not rocket science but it is not a stagnant industry either. Technology, as we all know is constantly evolving and changing and with what is currently happening, the shift is spurring fast and we have to be updated on the latest to constantly be in the loop. Besides, training also enables us to understand the going in and out of the business.

No Olympic medalist can learn their sport overnight. Every athlete needs ample amount of training and practice to succeed. Just as well, in order for your business to grow, you and your employees need to establish proper training regimen.

We, at the Peterson Group, for instance, conduct annual trainings and seminars for our own employees. Since they need to understand the process and system of our company, we strive hard not to confine them on their own respective departments alone. We urge them to interact with each other’s teams that will enable them to identify the weight of each other’s responsibilities. Although retailers encompass smaller scale teams, the people within that company also need to understand their own job description. This is also to avoid illiteracy complaints and enhance skills.

Allan Winchester, director of sales at PEW Retailing in Jakarta, Indonesia states, “A skilled and trained sales consultant will maximize the consumers’ experience by understanding the client’s needs with their lifestyle by asking the right qualifying questions and positioning all products and services available for the consumer to have the full experience with their device”.

Product training also boosts the “Wow” factor each company should have when it comes to technical specifications and is essential in strengthening credibility. Which company would want to be tagged as fraud just because their staff doesn’t seem to know what they are talking about?