Choosing the Right Accessory


It seems like 2015 had just had started yesterday. We are currently near halfway of the year and before we knew it, we may be facing the “Ber” months tomorrow. You will have to shop sooner or later for presents. With little time to think of what to buy and put under the Christmas tree, we suggest that you put into your list mobile accessories when mobile phones, of course, are too expensive.

Chances are good that most of the people on your holiday shopping list own smartphones—which is pretty convenient, since a smartphone case or accessory is one of the easiest gift ideas no matter who you’re shopping for. Plus, it’s something that the recipient can actually use (actually, even fraud products will do, but of course, we highly dissuade you to do it).

With so many accessories to choose from, it should be simple enough to pick one or even ten for every person on your list. The Peterson Group, one of the leading wholesale distributors of mobile and laptop accessories based in Taiwan and delivers across Asia has a lot of list to choose from. But how can you choose one out of these lists? Here are the following factors you should review and consider:


Of course, you have to make sure that the accessory would suit the model of the phone of your recipient. Imagine the shame you would be feeling when you buy an iPhone case for your nephew who has a blackberry phone. Most case manufacturers offer styles that fit a variety of smartphones, including models from Apple or Samsung.


Smartphone theft is a wide spread phenomenon. Help your loved one stay safe with a case that offers extra security features. For valid users in Jakarta, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong, TPG now distributes the Yellow Jacket case which doubles as a stun gun (and can charge the phone should it run low on battery power). Kensington’s BungeeAir case securely tethers the phone to a small fob; if the owner walks too far away from the phone, the fob triggers an alert (and the companion app automatically password-locks the phone).


When you are looking for a present to young adults and teenagers, style should be on the top of your priority. Colorful, artsy skins are perfect stocking stuffers for the creative individuals in your life. Just make sure that you have the suitable design for the right gender.