The Use of Social Media and Mobile Phones: Men vs. Women

Technology is giving new meaning to girl power.

While it's commonly believed men are the tech industry’s most coveted market, The Peterson Group finds out that women are now dominating the worldwide trend.

According to Bell in an article in The Atlantic, women in Western countries use the Internet 17 per cent more than their male counterparts do every month. Women spend more time talking, sending text messages and skyping; they are almost the exclusive owners of Internet-enabled readers; and they're the fastest growing group of users on every social networking site with the exception of LinkedIn. Sites such as Pinterest are magnets for women: they appeal to a lady's innate tendencies to organize, categorize and collect.

The gender difference revolves around three distinct areas: our personal and professional relationships, the need for information and entertainment, and consumer behavior. On that note, we prepared this infographic based on those parameters for a broader look at how men and women differ. There are distinct variances.

And now, more than ever, women want to learn more and more about the technology they're using.

The good news is women are, indeed, making their mark as technology innovators and entrepreneurs. A good example is Ruchi Sanghvi, Faceboook’s first female engineer who launched the News feed. She made it possible for people to link Facebook identities and friends to almost any site online, completely rewriting the rules of web.

According to the review by Douglass Karr, founder of Marketing Technology, women are more likely to play games on their smartphones, more likely to get deals and more likely to utilize social media to keep tabs with family and communicate with one another.

Women also show to be patrons of social media for relationship, sharing, entertainment and self-support. Women are also fond of Uploading, gaming and taking pictures while men prefer video, news and GPS.

Unfortunately though, not only do women use their mobile phones and social media to interact with others but they are also using these media to do fraudulent act and of course, the victims are males. It is more likely effective to scam somebody when you are a woman especially through the internet. It is easier for women to interact to rich and innocent victims as stereotype has it that men are the more dangerous one. Western people shows to be the most frequent target as men, as studies show use social media mostly for dating. In developing cities like Singapore, Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, cyber scamming is widespread.